Weather Effects Our Emotions: 3 Tips To Being Happy In All Four Seasons

While there are aspects of all different types of weather that can be enjoyable, it is no surprise that most people find it easier to be happy when there is sunshine. Light simply brings more joy than darkness in most cases. However, those gloomy days where the clouds just don’t seem to move are actually really desirable days for some people. But, why? Why do some people thrive in the desert heat while others enjoy clouds and rain? Are the people in sunny California just always happy because it is always beautiful there? Of course not. The truth of the matter is that people can be happy or people can be sad. Sometimes weather has nothing to do with it besides enhancing the emotions you already have. This is because happiness is a choice. It’s a mindset that you have to learn and develop. Once you have found your inner happiness, it is easy to find joy rain or shine.

Enjoy The Different Seasons For What They Are

happy with different seasons weather rain

There is nothing more boring than sameness. Life can easily get mundane and when no day feels unique, you may find yourself craving some diversity in order to feel happy. When you enjoy the different seasons for what they are, you are able to embrace the good qualities of that weather. Maybe you hate the wind in the fall. But, watching the colorful leaves blow across the ground is something that you can appreciate. Perhaps you find rain to be extremely inconvenient. Maybe you hate the fact that it always ruins your shoes whenever you try to go anywhere. However, that clean, fresh smell that fills the air after a rain shower may be something positive you can take from the rain. A beautiful white snowfall is considered to be a Christmas miracle for some people, but not for someone who hates the cold. Maybe all you think about is shoveling snow out of your driveway while dreaming of Summer. However, someone else would have good reason to complain about the misery of 100-degree weather.

The truth of the matter is that people can make a good argument and a bad argument for every season that we have. Once you realize this, it is up to you to enjoy each season. Find the good that you can extract from it. The power of positivity will help you find the good in what you have.

Find Value and Appreciation In Everday Life

find value in everyday life is beautiful

Life can be really beautiful if you choose to see the beauty. Learning to appreciate and search for that beauty will allow you to be happy in your everyday life. There are going to be days that aren’t perfect. You will have moments where a warm blanket, a cup of tea, and a movie sounds wonderful. However, the weather simply might not agree with that desire. Learn to be flexible in your desires and find value in what nature has given you. This will truly change your mindset. Being happy in life is something that everyone wants, but that doesn’t mean you will always get what you want. Choosing to be happy means you create worth and value from what you have. Start to let go of certain expectations and simply embrace what you have been given in life. It’s like they always say, don’t wait for the storm to pass, learn to dance in the rain.

Learn To Be Happy In The Present Moment

happy present moment

The key to true happiness is to be present. Be mindful of each moment. Be aware of the world around you, and be grateful for your place in it all. It can be easy to find dreary weather depressing or hot and dry weather draining. It can be easy for life’s circumstances to negatively affect your happiness. However, this means you are giving so much power to elements outside of your control. Your happiness shouldn’t be based on┬ácircumstances, but rather your inner self. Reminding yourself to find value in each moment will train your mindset to be more positive. Instead of constantly complaining, start actively searching for good things to say about your day, your life, and the weather. It will lead to a more positive and happy you.

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